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Update related to F123e

From: Peter Vágner
Subject: Update related to F123e
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2016 10:53:51 +0100


It took me a long time to decide but I have attempted to start first 
blog post of what I hope will be a series on short tips on emacs 

For example I am looking into it for about a year sporadically.

I like F123E plan but instead of automation I would rather like to do 
something that would build on Arch linux philosophy. I am not going to 
rewrote the documentation but I would like to try showing some success 
stories while handling these things. Most of the articles end with a 
message saying something like it has a bit higher learning curve etc but 
unfortunatelly very little of them actually showcase how to go about 
changing that.

Let's see how this attempt will turn out.

So far I have got into basic buffer navigation and manipulation 
commands, navigating around emacs in general, emacs editing commands, 
understood so called easy customizations, got my-self to install and 
upgrade packages from elpa / melpa, briefly started playing with org 
mode, learned about basic dired file manipulation features, managed to 
connect to twitter with twittering-mode. And some invisible issues along 
my way such as debugging issues with request.el library and curl, 
getting epg working with gpg.

These are things I hope I have learned enough so I can comfortably use them.

Next on my todo list are knowing speechd-el better, emacs packages such 
as matrix-client for inovative instant messaging and more, jabber for 
classic messaging, gnus for email, sauron for integrated notifications.

This is my initial plan and these are things I wish to eventually cover 

My first article just talks about installing and running emacs for the 
first time.


Of course if you have ideas, comments, anything feel free to post.

Thanks and greetings


On 06.11.2016 at 18:17 Fernando Botelho wrote:
> Thanks to those who have sent feedback to my emails to various lists.
> So far this is what I have found out:
> A lot of people are in agreement regarding the need for:
> * An easier way to install and setup Emacspeak;
> * An easier way for Emacspeak to use eSpeak and/or other synthesizers; 
> and
> * At least one expert also mentioned that Spacemacs does not solve all 
> issues, as it has some inaccessible output.
> However, it has been said that:
> * SpeechD-el can make Emacs accessible;
> * SpeechD-el already works well with Speech-Dispatcher and eSpeak;
> * SpeechD-el is already easier to install and is multilingual by default;
> * SpeechD-el could even be used to bridge communication between 
> Emacspeak and Speech-Dispatcher and eSpeak; and
> * it might be easier to just bring Spacemacs keybindings to classic 
> Emacs rather than move all of the SpeechD-el or Emacspeak 
> accessibility to Spacemacs.
> I have updated our project document accordingly:
> https://public.f123.org/experimental/About-F123e.html
> Best,
> Fernando
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