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Module for Kali TTS

From: Raphaël POITEVIN
Subject: Module for Kali TTS
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:05:00 +0100


On 11/18/2016 12:32 AM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Ok, having quickly read this email previously, and now having gotten around
> to patching my local master branch copy of Speech Dispatcher with your
> supplied patches, I wonder whether we should put this into a WIP branch
> first, so that we can properly fix up the above to use Speech Dispatcher's
> audio subsystem before we release it.

That's OK for me.
> Yes, and it builds fine here, although this does produce a lot of compiler
> warnings, and I think this is best addressed in the longer term by the
> planned re-architecting of modules, which will mean that you will eventually
> be able to maintain your own module independantly of the Speech Dispatcher
> code base.

What will that re-architecturing involve?
> Thanks. As I have indicated above I have all of this working now just fine. I
> do wonder what version of Speech Dispatcher you were patching against. I had
> to apply a few of the patches by hand since there are differences between git
> master and what you were working with. I think I may have suggested this in a

Because I work on Jessie, I based my code from the Debian package which 
is 0.8-7.

> private email to you, but it is easier to integrate git formatted patches
> that apply against master, or if you feel you must, against the
> speech-dispatcher-0-8 branch, which is for the 0.8 release series. You can
> find the Speech Dispatcher git repository at http://git.freebsoft.org. The
> primary reason is for attribution to you, the patch and code author. For this
> time around I can work something out to properly credit you for the patches,
> but I ask that you take this into consideration for the future. If you are
> unsure as to how to use git, I am sure I, or others could suggest some good

I'm not an expert, but I know the esential.

> resources on learning how to work with git.
>> I hope that module could be added to the project. Don't hesitate to tell me
>> if some parts of the code don't respect the general modules structure.
> As per the above, given that the module functionality is incomplete, it may
> be worth putting this code into a WIP branch, so we can clean it up and add
> direct audio support, at which point we can then merge it into master, and
> probably 0.8 as well, and of course support for more synthesizers is welcome.
> I also maintain a repository on github that contains all WIP branches that
> are currently being worked on. It is on github to more easily facilitate
> collaboration with others. If you have a github account, you will be able to
> fork the repository, make changes to a branch, and request a pull request, at
> which point it can be reviewed, and merged. If not thats ok as well, just

Yes, I've a github account.



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