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Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file

From: Olga Yakovleva
Subject: Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2018 14:57:25 +0300

Hello Didier,

Didier Spaier wrote:
> One more thing: the settings in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf are well
> commented but in Russian only. Would you mind providing these comments
> in English too?
> At second thought, maybe you could just:
> 1) Write on top of this file:
> ; Translations of the comments in this file can be found in this
> ; documentation folder:
> 2) Ship the translations at the root of the tree alongside the README
> 3) Mention for the packagers that they have to install these files in
> the documentation directory for RHVoice, and indicate the path to this
> directory in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf at the end of the second line.
> Also, maybe you could accept translations of the file by contributors.
> If you do, I volunteer for fr.RHVoice.conf

I'm trying to decide how better to implement this.

The information in those comments is actually duplicated and expanded in 
the wiki, though the page is also in Russian and needs to be updated in 
a couple places. But it's a properly structured page, containing general 
explanation of the format and subsections about different settings or 
groups of settings. So that's how I'd prefer to provide translated 
descriptions of the configuration file: not as comments, but as 
documents. I've started translating that page into English. Maybe the 
comments should only contain the links to the documents. And when I 
publish the English page, you could translate it and I will put your 
translation on the wiki.

Would it be an acceptable solution?


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