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Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file

From: Didier Spaier
Subject: Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2018 14:59:06 +0100

Hello Olga

On 23/12/2018 12:57, Olga Yakovleva wrote:
> Hello Didier,
> Didier Spaier wrote:
>> One more thing: the settings in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf are well
>> commented but in Russian only. Would you mind providing these comments
>> in English too?
>> At second thought, maybe you could just:
>> 1) Write on top of this file:
>> ; Translations of the comments in this file can be found in this
>> ; documentation folder:
>> 2) Ship the translations at the root of the tree alongside the README
>> 3) Mention for the packagers that they have to install these files in
>> the documentation directory for RHVoice, and indicate the path to this
>> directory in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf at the end of the second line.
>> Also, maybe you could accept translations of the file by contributors.
>> If you do, I volunteer for fr.RHVoice.conf
> I'm trying to decide how better to implement this.
> The information in those comments is actually duplicated and expanded in the 
> wiki, though the page is also in Russian and needs to be updated in a couple 
> places. But it's a properly structured page, containing general explanation 
> of the format and subsections about different settings or groups of settings. 
> So that's how I'd prefer to provide translated descriptions of the 
> configuration file: not as comments, but as documents. I've started 
> translating that page into English. Maybe the comments should only contain 
> the links to the documents. And when I publish the English page, you could 
> translate it and I will put your translation on the wiki.
> Would it be an acceptable solution?


For Slint I will also provide a local copy of the configuration page in 
Russian, English and French under /usr/doc/RHVoice-<version>/, as I want that 
users can access the documentation locally.

Not a huge work forme, I oftentimes use converters to do that, for instance 
pandoc in case of a document source in a Markdown dialect.



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