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Re: [Speechd] speechd-el - what am I doing wrong

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: [Speechd] speechd-el - what am I doing wrong
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019 15:05:30 +0200
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>>>>> "TC" == Tim Cross <address@hidden> writes:

    TC> I worked it out (I think). It was to do with how mu4e generates/displays
    TC> the line - it isn't really a line, but a list of fields. Anyway, I went
    TC> a step further to make the output a little more 'friendly'. In case
    TC> anyone finds it useful, I've copied it below.

Hi Tim, nice to hear you managed to disentangle it, good job!

    TC> The only remaining and annoying issue I have is that for some reason, my
    TC> setting for speech rate keeps reverting to a much slower rate. Can't
    TC> seem to track down where this is happening. Have set my default speech
    TC> dispatcher rate (globally and locally), speech dispatcher client rate
    TC> and also in speechd-speak-hook, but rate seems to revert to a much
    TC> slower rate at what seems fairly random points. Seems to be worse with
    TC> IBM ViaVoice than espeak-ng, which makes me think it is the TTS dying
    TC> and being re-started, but don't know why it isn't being restarted with
    TC> the default rates I have set.

Does Speech Dispatcher log (with verbosity level 4) reveal something?
Are there any TTS restarts reported there?  Or either inappropriate or
missing rate changes?

    TC> I still have a couple of other issues I'm trying to fix. In particular,
    TC> there is a bug relating to speechd-el and either flycheck or eldoc (not
    TC> narrowed it down yet) which prevents backspace from working (args out of
    TC> range error). I haven't really tried to track it down yet, but plan to.

Backspace works fine for me with flycheck and eldoc modes enabled.  Do
you have a backtrace of the error?

    TC> Apart from those two issues, all seems to work OK.

Excellent. :-)

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