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Re: How to restart x11/StumpWM from a different tty.

From: Ram Krishnan
Subject: Re: How to restart x11/StumpWM from a different tty.
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2020 11:35:22 -0700
User-agent: mu4e 1.3.9; emacs 26.3.50

I've had moderate luck connecting via emacsclient and using slime to poke 
around stumpwm's state. This does require emacs to be running, listening on a 
server port and for stumpwm itself to accept slime connections.



Eric Ihli <address@hidden> writes:

> Sometimes my graphic environment locks up. I think this is a StumpWM issue
> since my keyboard and mouse continue to "work". I can move the mouse around
> and switch to a different tty using ctrl-alt-f<n>. But nothing works in the
> tty where I ran `startx`.
> What can be done from a different tty to troubleshoot/fix the issue? I've
> tried `stumpish` from another tty but I get the error `xprop: unable to
> open display`.
> Other possibly relevant info is that my `.xinitrc` launches StumpWM with
> `dbus-launch --with-exit-session --sh-syntax stumpwm`.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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