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Re: "gnucap" summer of code projects

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: "gnucap" summer of code projects
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 18:55:18 -0600

Hi Al,

    Gnucap is also affiliated with "the gEDA project" which has 
    applied for SOC.  Can it be listed both places?

James and I discussed this a bit.  The problem with simply listing it
twice is that it allows the possibility that one student may submit the
same proposal in both projects, leading to a need for one project to
reject and one project to accept the identical proposal.  (I think
Google may even have a faq about this, not sure.)

Hence, we propose:

1. if GNU and gEDA both get accepted, then the ideas should be listed
under gEDA's suggestions page and the GNU page will link to that.

2. If gEDA is not accepted but GNU is, we will fold the proposals into
the GNU suggestions list.

3. Meanwhile we'll add gEDA to the "other GNU projects listed
separately under SOC" (like GCC).

Sound ok?

    There has been big progress in the last year.  Some people are 
    considering it instead of "Spectre", 

Good to hear!


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