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Project suggestion

From: Julien B.
Subject: Project suggestion
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 10:01:31 +0100


I would like to share with you my ideas about a GNU software that
could be added to the current SoC projects list.
That software is the well-known and wide-spread Wget.
Since last June it got a new maintainer and tons of bugs and
improvements need to be addressed.

I've tried to contact with Micah Cowan, the actual maintainer, both
via the ML and IRC, but I didn't get any answer back.
Nevertheless, I am personally convinced he would gladly accept help
through the SoC program.
Today, Micah is the only active developer and the project is in great
need of C programmers.

When announcing the 1.11 release, he listed some short and long term
improvements for Wget.
All those improvements, together with the others bugs make a great
source for student's proposal.
To list a few project ideas:
 - Improve/redesign the current Unit Test Framework
 - Implement multiple simultaneous connection
 - Implement a database to keep track of fetched files meta-data
 - Fix a to-be-determined number of severe bugs (--config option, css
links following, exit code standardization, ...)

IMO, all of these would perfectly fit for SoC proposal as it should be
possible to provide deliverable within the 2 months.
But beyond SoC itself, that would allow Wget to keep developers
afterward, which it the final SoC goal.

Others needed features can be read on the wiki and the bugs tracking system.

On my side, being a student quite familiar with Wget source code now,
I would be glad to come up with a proposal.
I'm already involve into the Wget project, but my schedule doesn't
allow me to work on it as much as I would like.
The SoC would be just great.

If a mentor would match this project, do you thing Wget could be added
to the ideas list?


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