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GNOWSYS project and GSoC

From: Nagarjuna G.
Subject: GNOWSYS project and GSoC
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 12:28:03 +0530

Last year GNOWSYS project participated in the GSoC project profitably
and the project is rolling closer to a stable release from  a
developer only version.
Last time the project contributed to a framework and implementation of
version control system.  This eventually lead to its implementation in where GNOWSYS is used as a distributed knowledge base.

For 2008 we propose the following modules, if we find any students
interested in doing them, GNOWSYS developers  will be glad to mentor.

1. automatic harvesting from free knowledge sources like TLDP, man
pages (nroff/troff), texinfo, DocBook, ODF, wikisource, LaTeX, SCORM,
IMSLD and other such structured document formats into the GNOWSYS
knowledge base.

2. exporting the harvested knowledge as well as directly authored
knowledge base into other document formats (OWL, XTM, SCORM, LaTeX,
DocBook), provided that these formats are free/open document

3. Developing GNU Emacs client integrating with, e.g. orgmode for
collaborative, distributed knowledge organization

4. Collaborative authoring and organizing  knowledge and Graphical
Representation of knowledge base in GNOWSYS using frameworks like
pyGTK, Sugar,

The modules 1 and 2 are interrelated, and need similar skills.  Good
knowledge of XML, text parsing, is a prior requirement.   Module 3
requires prior knowledge of working with Emacs and xmlrpc.  Module 4
requires good knowledge of the use of GTK, Gnome, or Sugar GUI
development. More details about the project can be  obtained from and

Nagarjuna G.

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