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Re: Copyright issues

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Copyright issues
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:10:43 -0500

Hi Micah,

    How will disclaimers be handled for GSoC participants? Will the
    administrator be asking for appropriate paperwork from students at the
    time of their appointment to a GNU project, or is it the mentor's
    responsibility to coordinate this with the project administrator(s) (in
    my case, I'll play both roles).

Thanks for asking.  It's an important point. 

The mentors and/or individual package maintainers need to arrange this
with the students -- James and I do not try to handle it.

The sooner the process gets started with the prospective student
contributors, the better, although it'll be some time before we know for
sure which projects will go ahead.  (We can hope that at least some
students would contribute outside of SoC too.)

I'll give the FSF copyright administrator a heads-up.


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