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Re: Project proposal for Google Summer of Codes

From: Andrew John Hughes
Subject: Re: Project proposal for Google Summer of Codes
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 15:55:37 +0000

On 20/03/2008, Micah Cowan <address@hidden> wrote:
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>  Mukesh Palathingal wrote:
>  > I would like to make a project
>  > proposal that is out of your idea list.
> That's always welcome, provided it is a project having to do with GNU;
>  however:
>  > ReactOS being a free and open source operating system based on the
>  > Windows NT architecture is now supporting only the FAT32 filesystem.
>  > The integration of the VFS layer is focused of increasing the exposure
>  > and reliability of the ReactOS. The project involves the extracting
>  > the Linux VFS layer and porting this functionality into the ReactOS
>  > Kernel.
> Unfortunately, none of this describes a project related to GNU. GNU is
>  (most of) an operating system that can run on top of the Linux kernel;
>  but it is not the Linux kernel, nor is Linux a GNU project. There are
>  GNU systems which do not use Linux, and there are Linux systems which
>  are not GNU; the only thing the two have to do with each other is that
>  GNU operating system components on top of the Linux kernel (which we
>  have termed GNU/Linux) is a popular basis for many operating system
>  platforms.
>  Similarly, the ReactOS is a separate project from GNU.
>  The appropriate organization to mentor a project such as you describe
>  would be The ReactOS Foundation, which however does not appear to be
>  participating with Google Summer of Code at this time.
>  The Linux Foundation, who sponsors development work on the Linux kernel,
>  is participating, but the project you describe brings development to
>  ReactOS, not to Linux, and so I doubt that they'd be an appropriate
>  mentor organization.
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Google as the mentoring organisation might also be an option, given
there appear to be possible mentors already involved:
Andrew :-)

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