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Re: idea for gos08

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: idea for gos08
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 13:43:37 -0700
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RAKESH M wrote:
>     hello everyone this is M.Rakesh .
> i have an idea for GNU .
> the name is beautiful tux and the thing is automation.
> the basic idea is this every one who is a new comer whenever told about
> linux the first thing they get in their mind are commands also
> experienced users also feel bored of hitting same old commands everytime .

Linux is just a kernel, and does not support typing commands by itself.
In order to type commands, you need a shell, which is where GNU's
Bourne-Again SHell ("bash") comes in.

Hitting "same old commands [every time]" is usually a great indication
that some scripting/automation/shortcuts are needed, and not that typing
the "same old commands" should be replaced with clicking the same old
buttons every time.

> what my idea is that i plan for gui in which we have commands for
> different system utilities
> so whenever a user enters the system utility let us say removing a file
> or directory we will present him with all of the options without man pages
> so it would look like this
> @rm -r  path for the file
> @rm path of the file
> @rmdir path of the directory

How would this differ from GNOME, which is a graphical desktop
environment that allows you to do just these sorts of things?

> and then  we when  ever he clicks on that he will be asked for root
> password and tha pathname

1. Asking for the root password should be reserved to those situations
where it is known to be required.
2. Asking the user to type a path does not seem less complex than using
the commandline; it seems more so, because you then probably don't have
shell variables or programmed tab completion available to you.

People who desire power and flexibility will not generally find a GUI
substitute to meet their needs; people who are confused by command-lines
or who find the ease-of-use of a GUI to be attractive already have good
graphical desktop environments such as GNOME or KDE available to them;
if those lack important functionality, forcing you to resort to the
command-line, then adding the appropriate graphical utilities seems the
best choice, rather than writing completely new programs to do what
GNOME can already do well (delete files/folders).

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