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grub, parted, multiple applications

From: Karl Berry
Subject: grub, parted, multiple applications
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 19:34:17 -0500

Some grub and parted applications are in.
(Who's going to mentor parted this year?)

I should mention that, as in the past, I expect that we will receive far
more worthy applications than we will be allotted funded projects
("slots") by google.  And so the chances of any given GNU package
getting more than one slot is pretty tiny.  (Furthermore, it's almost
inevitable that worthy proposals for worthy packages will have to be
declined because we run out of slots ... just so it's not a surprise.)

So ... when reviewing the applications, please try to think about which
is your absolute favorite.

Finally: Google added all listed mentors to their mentor mailing list
today.  Personally, I find it useful to subscribe to the lists in
"abridged email" form (changeable on the "groups" settings page).  They
can get pretty talkative.  Just thought I'd mention it :).


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