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Fwd: GNU Hurd: procfs, Requesting for review of the Draft proposal

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Fwd: GNU Hurd: procfs, Requesting for review of the Draft proposal
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:33:48 +0530

Hi all,
    I am a prospective GSoC 2008 student. After some work on procfs pseudo-filesystem in general which included going through the GNU/Linux's procfs documentation, going through the existing procfs code in hurdextras repo and Documentation in it, going through many other websites and tutorials, and more importantly considreing the suggestions olaf gave me, I have come up with a rough initial draft of the proposal I want to submit for GSoC 2008, with Hurd as my mentoring organization. The project is to implement procfs's functionalities on Hurd.

  I have come up with this draft proposal so that we can discuss further based on the this proposal. I have roughly consolidated my ideas from the above mentioned sources. So I request all of you to please go through the draft proposal I have come up with.

My proposal is available at:

Also the odt, pdf and plain text versions are available for download at:

    Since this is the initial version of the proposal, I have rougly collected the ideas and consolidated them into this document. Please review it and suggest any kind of mistakes including spelling and grammatical errors. I have mailed this proposal to my friends and teachers for doing reviews for me.
    I alsorequest you people to help me in doing a technical review as well as non-technical review since you are the people who know Hurd the best. Suggest any kind of changes I have to do. I am requesting the whole community(each and everyone here) to give your invaluable suggestions and inputs on how I can improve this document and the whole project in general.

     I am planning to make as many revisions as possible(atleast 10) to this proposal. But I do understand that any number of reviews and revisions will not be sufficient though I am running out of time and have to submit it as soon as possible. I am planning to submit it through Google Application Applet on Thursday hoping that all the reviews and revisions will be over by then.

    Also one important note is that, I have referred to my blog in the proposal for many things. However I have not been able to update it till now. I assure you that I will update my blog before on or before Friday.
   Another important note is that, this document is the detailed proposal I have written. I have put all the ideas in my mind together so as to make it clear to you people about what I am thinking. This proposal is nearly 13,000 characters and in no way I can submit this through Google Applet since it restricts the lenght to 7,500 characters. My final submission must be a heavily tailored version of this document. I have thought of cutting down the description of each of the core functionalities I have written in project details part and also the details of the schedule, since I will be making the full version of this document available through my blog. I request you people too to suggest me which other parts require tailoring.

  Thanks a lot in showing interest towards my emails, proposals and all the suggestions and inputs you have given. I would be happy if I get a chance to work with you as a GSoC participant this summer. I will be looking forward for your mails

   I will be looking forward for all your comments and suggestions
Thanks and regards,

ps: I have also mailed the same to bug-hurd mailing list and waiting for reviews from there too.

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