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calling all SoC projects

From: Karl Berry
Subject: calling all SoC projects
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 16:37:01 -0500

I've heard from the maintainers of the following GNU developers for our
Summer of Code participation:

1 autogen
1 classpath  
2 dotgnu
2 gnowsys  
2 gnunet   
3 grub2
1 icecat
2 phpgroupware
3 wget

For a total of 17 (in an ideal world, which we won't achieve) so far.

I know there are more packages out there with applications.  I see
clisp, unrtf, libjit (or is that part of dotgnu?)
parted (or is that part of grub?),
grub1 (or is that part of grub?) in the list.

Please inform asap.

At the moment I've asked for 22 slots.  Google wants to divvy up the
slots as soon as possible.


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