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GNU SoC proposals

From: Karl Berry
Subject: GNU SoC proposals
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:19:41 -0500

Google gave us one more slot, for a total of nine.  For the sake of
visual assistance :), I've changed our "requested number of projects" to
nine, so shows the list of
proposals we expect to submit to Google for final approval.

So if any mentor does not see their favorite project in the top nine at
this point, please write right away.

Due to conflicts, the classpath and smalltalk proposals are now out of
the running, and the dotgnu maintainers agreed their remaining proposal
was unlikely to succeed.  So that leaves one each for these packages:

 autogen clisp gnowsys gnunet grub2 icecat phpgroupware unrtf wget

If anyone else feels their submitted proposal isn't likely to succeed,
let me know.  Several projects had more than one strong proposal, and
the more successful experiences we have, the better for next year.

Of course, Google still might change the numbers or reject proposals at
their discretion, but this is how things look now.


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