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Re: one more slot

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: one more slot
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 17:10:40 -0500

I don't see a reason to give our slots back, as long as we believe that
our allocated projects are worthwhile and likely to be successful -- and
we do!  That's what GSoC is for.

And, google gave us another one, so now we are at 10.  So yay for that.

After reading everyone's thoughts (thanks), for our "second" proposals,
I marked up grub and wget.  Those are now at +4; the primary 8 are at +5
or above.  The next three (the secondary gnunet/phpgroupware/gnowsys)
are at +3 (and below the line, with no disrespect to them of course).

We may still lose or gain slots and students due to conflict resolution
tomorrow, despite our efforts to clear conflicts in advance.  (We
have no conflicts as of now, to the best of my knowledge.)  

BTW, Google has asked that we hold off announcing results to students,
without special reason, until Monday.  (Mainly because they might change.)

Thanks to all.


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