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Is Octave in GSoC?

From: João Medeiros
Subject: Is Octave in GSoC?
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:12:05 -0300

Dear GNU mentoring member(s).

    I'm a MSc student from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
at the Computer Engineering Department [0]. I'm interested in apply to
GNU Octave project. In my mastering classes I leaned Artificial Neural
Networks and Reinforcement Learning. I wrote a C library the contains
some neural networks (e.g. MLP, RBF, NARX, TLFN and SVM) and
reinforcement learning algorithms (Q-learning).
    As I did not see any reference to GNU Octave in yours GSoC page
[1], I'm asking if this project has mentors for this GSoC. If there is
mentors, how can I contact them?

Att, João Paulo de Souza Medeiros.


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