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gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio

From: zhang colin
Subject: gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 11:13:40 +0800

Hi Karl,

I received a notification of my proposal "gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio", however after click the link I got an error said:
"There is no such active entity."
Moreover I cannot see this proposal from my proposal list, looks like it has been removed.

Could you kindly let me know what your comments of my proposal? Thank you.

My proposal:
gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio
Your name:

Colin Zhang

Your email address:


Package name and title of the project:

gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio


gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio

    * integrate gcc/gdb support for MS Visual Studio

    * support local gdb provided by Cygwin or MinGW

    * support remote gdb on another machine( linux/bsd/centos... )
    * support gdbserver on embedded target( arm/qnx... )


    * MS Visual Studio is a familiar and powerful IDE for developers

    * support remote edit/compile/debug, that is, developers can use MS Visual Studio on local windows to develop applications on another machine( linux/bsd/centos... ) with gcc/gdb

    * support embedded target debug, that is, developers can use MS Visual Studio on local windows to develop applications on an embedded target with gdbserver


    * plug-in for MS Visual Studio

    * help documents

    * design/implementation documents

    * extension API documents( for developers who want to support other

       compiler/debugger, for example some cross toolchain for embedded development )

    * extension sample codes


    * me( design, plug-in programming, SSH/SFTP/TELNET/FTP network programming )

    * 2 more developer( 1 for system level programming, 1 for application level programming )

    * 1 for installation kit/document/test


    * requirement

       draw a requirement table, and estimate time/labor cost

    + requirement review


    * design

       (1) system design

       (2) workflow design

       (3) class definition           

       (4) function definition

    + design review

    * coding:

       (1) windows side coding

       (2) remote side coding to support remote edit/compile/debug

    + code review

    * test:

       (1) local gcc/gdb test

       (2) remote gcc/gdb test

       (3) remote gdbserver test

       (4) platform compatibility test including linux/bsd/centos etc.

    * make installation kit

    * documentation

    * delivery


    * email

    * msn

    * skype

    * blog


    * requirement/design/code review

    * documentation

    * test

    * bug fix after release

Best Regards
Colin Zhang

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 4:19 AM, <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Colin Zhang,

You have received a new notification entitled "New public Review on gcc/gdb plug-in for MS Visual Studio". To read, respond to, or delete this notification please visit

The Google Open Source Programs Team

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