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Re: greetings

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: greetings
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 18:42:53 -0500

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the list.

Thanks Andy!  Having Emacs switch to Guile would be amazing :).

I saw in passing that there seemed to be a bug in the Google
code such that students did not see our public comments.  Very
discouraging.  I hope it's been fixed by now, but I don't know for
sure.  (I confess I find it hard to follow those extremely voluminous lists.)
Has anyone been reading more closely?

So, mentors who have made comments on applications that have good
possibilities, if the students haven't replied, I'm afraid it would be a
good thing to resend directly to the students, assuming they provided us
with their email address.  (If they didn't, they lose.)
Our next general goal for GSoC is to figure out how many slots we want
to ask Google for, ie, how many proposals we think are worthwhile and
are willing to mentor.  I'll review the list and try to come up with a


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