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Re: Desired Slot Count

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Desired Slot Count
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:38:57 -0500

    I'm a bit surprised that there is no thread on this yet... IIRC the
    participating organisations were asked to set the desired number of
    slots by March 9th. 

Sigh (I assume you mean April 9th).  I hadn't seen it amongst all the
noise on the lists.  I wish they'd make announcements on the
announcement list.  Do you have a url or thread Subject: at hand by any

    In other words, all sub-organisations -- please state, how many
    promising projects do you have?

Right.  Otherwise I will do my best to review all the applications and
make an estimate later today, but the prospective mentors are of course
the best judge of whether an application has a decent chance of success.

    Also, if we know that the count only includes studenst we are really
    confident about, 


    I don't know whether all the sub-organisations have participated in
    GSoC before, so just to be sure, some notes on when to be confident
    about a proposal.

Thanks for writing all that.  I fully concur.

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