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gnu soc status

From: Karl Berry
Subject: gnu soc status
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 19:11:04 -0500

I've looked at all the applications with a score >0, and a few of the
<=0 ones.  It looked like the maximum number of slots we would want/need
is 17, so I put in that preliminary number.

hurd - 3
gnowsys - 2
libjit - 1
coreutils - 1
gdb/python - 1
gdb/mi - 1
smalltalk - 1
screen - 2
myserver - 1
gdb/emacs - 1
guile - 1
clisp - 1
grub - 1

I also assigned mentors to most of the above.

If I missed anything or got mentors wrong, let me know.

Sam, please review the CLISP application, give it a score, indicate
willingness to mentor.  I assumed you'd want to do it in the slot count,
but you should confirm :).

GRUB people, ditto for your two applications from Volodymyr.  Pick the
one you want :).

"artikulkarni", if you are on this list, please tell me who you are.
You applied to be a mentor but I don't know who you are.

Olaf, thank you again for prodding me into action.

Everyone who doesn't already know -- we have never received anywhere
close to the number of slots we've requested, so be prepared for triage.

If anyone has any reservations about whether their student will be
successful, now is the time to communicate with them and try to satisfy
yourself.  Ideally, they would be working along and communicating with
you even now, in advance of being accepted.  (I see from the comments
that that is happening in some cases, which is great.)

Just so everyone knows: you should pretty much assume that no one gets
anything in email.  The google app sends out very little, unfortunately.
For instance, the admins do not get copied on any comments (I wish we
did, but that was just too many "subscribe to comments" buttons to push).


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