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Re: Available slots

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: Re: Available slots
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 21:32:02 +0400


I don't get this point of marking these proposals as ineligible. If
the student does not want to work with us - we can simply take another
top application later. There is no sense to mark these proposal
ineligible. It might become that the student does not get accepted by
any project later even at the end. So I suggest as someone who has
already been both a Google Summer of Code student, and Google Summer
of Code mentor, to not mark such proposals as ineligible, but give a
student selected by two mentoring organization, at the end, to select
him of her self. And don't forget that no one really knows how many
slots we really get at the end, and other mentoring organization too,
they also don't know how many slots they will get. Also I want to let
you know that Matthias-Christian has already started to work on his
project. So I see no sense to mark his proposal as ineligible. Unless
I get a confirmation from Matthias-Chrisitian, that he does not want
to work with us, I see no reason to mark his proposal as ineligible.
So I make it "eligible" again at this time.


2009/4/14 Micah Cowan <address@hidden>:
> Hash: SHA1
> There were two students whose proposals we were planning to accept, that
> were also accepted in other projects. Both students chose the other
> projects, and so I've marked their proposals as ineligible.
> This means of course that the two highest-ranked, formerly "unaccepted"
> proposals have moved up to fill the gap. This looks to be Dmitri Dzhus
> for Emacs GDB/MI Migration, and Ivaylo Ilianov's MyServer WebDAV
> support. I am not competent to determine whether this is as it should be
> (James, maybe you could decide better?), but it would be beneficial to
> ensure that our chosen eight are the eight highest-ranked by the time
> the next conflict report is sent out.
> If you're not thrilled with either of those proposals, please let us
> (Karl, James, and myself) know. If you think your favorite proposal
> should get in ahead of these, let us know.
> Don't forget: final conflict resolutions will take place tomorrow
> mid-day (I'll be representing GNU on IRC).
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