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Re: Available slots

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: Available slots
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 00:00:57 -0700
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Kirill Kononenko wrote:
> Ok. So Micah you removed me from the list of mentors? Well, as you
> want. But I really require excuses from you, because it is you who
> remove applications without consulting with other people. All these
> scores are not important. I think it is you who should be removed from
> list of organization admins.

*sigh*, I did attempt to keep this private.

Yes, it was a drastic step, and yes, it wasn't even mine to make.

However, given the circumstances, I hardly had a choice. You ignored the
org admins (particularly myself, of course), and repeatedly pushed the
app all the way into the top rank, causing me to have to downgrade it
three times. Before the third time, I chose to remove you as a mentor,
to prevent further damage.

Every time you interfere with the slots, you're interfering with our
ability to resolve the remaining _real_ (unresolved) conflicts. With the
final resolution meeting hours away, I couldn't risk you doing a third
time what you'd already done twice, which is to directly interfere with
my capacity to do my job. If there had been less time, I would have much
preferred to ask Karl to do it, as it's much more his decision.

Your message indicating you weren't going to bother with
Matthias-Christian any more would have been enough to prevent my doing
this, but unfortunately I'd already taken this step. If I'd waited a few
more minutes, I wouldn't have had to, but given that I couldn't have
waited more than just a few minutes, it didn't seem worth it.

Further discussion of this should be between you, Karl, and myself. I
see no reason why we should start flame wars on this list. And I think
both your actions leading up to this, and response to it, speak volumes.

For the record, I'm as angry at myself for taking such a rash step as
anything else; but I do not see that I had any remaining options available.

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Micah J. Cowan
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