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Re: Available slots

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: Re: Available slots
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 11:36:43 +0400

I have done again these steps to apply to GNU Project and Summer of
Code. Micah, please I require official private excuses.


>> *sigh*, I did attempt to keep this private.
> How did you attempt to keep this private? I have sent an email asking
> that I don't get access to Google app, then you wrote me in a private
> email that for whatever your personal reason, you removed me from list
> of mentors.
>> Yes, it was a drastic step, and yes, it wasn't even mine to make.
>> However, given the circumstances, I hardly had a choice. You ignored the
>> org admins (particularly myself, of course), and repeatedly pushed the
>> app all the way into the top rank, causing me to have to downgrade it
>> three times. Before the third time, I chose to remove you as a mentor,
>> to prevent further damage.
>> Every time you interfere with the slots, you're interfering with our
>> ability to resolve the remaining _real_ (unresolved) conflicts. With the
> How does in interfere. I don't get reason - sequence chain here. You
> simply put them down at end of story. These scores only represent
> private cummulative opinion of people. So you make at least 2 logical
> errors in one sentence.
>> final resolution meeting hours away, I couldn't risk you doing a third
>> time what you'd already done twice, which is to directly interfere with
> Is this a joke?
>> my capacity to do my job. If there had been less time, I would have much
>> preferred to ask Karl to do it, as it's much more his decision.
>> Your message indicating you weren't going to bother with
>> Matthias-Christian any more would have been enough to prevent my doing
>> this, but unfortunately I'd already taken this step. If I'd waited a few
> Which means you simply have decided everything ahead-of-time.
>> more minutes, I wouldn't have had to, but given that I couldn't have
>> waited more than just a few minutes, it didn't seem worth it.
>> Further discussion of this should be between you, Karl, and myself. I
>> see no reason why we should start flame wars on this list. And I think
>> both your actions leading up to this, and response to it, speak volumes.
>> For the record, I'm as angry at myself for taking such a rash step as
>> anything else; but I do not see that I had any remaining options available.
> Simply add me to list of mentors, and "end of story" TM.
> Thanks,
> Kirill

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