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Re: 2013 GNU Summer of Code?

From: Mario Torre
Subject: Re: 2013 GNU Summer of Code?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 23:20:51 +0100

I would also like to participate if possible, like any other year,
with the GNU Classpath project under the GNU umbrella.

Would this be possible?


2013/2/7 Jose E. Marchesi <address@hidden>:
>     The GNU MediaGoblin project would love to participate in 2013 Summer of
>     Code, if we can.  I looked up the SOC page; looks like only 2012 is
>     listed so far...
> The SOC 2013 is not launched yet.  When it does we (GNU) will apply as
> an organization.  I volunteered again to be the org-admin, and Giuseppe
> Scrivano will be the co-admin.
>     Where do we get started on figuring out if we can participate in Summer
>     of Code 2013 under the GNU umbrella?  I'd like to put rolling things
>     forward on our agenda... or at least know what the appropriate timeline
>     for that is. :)
> Of course you are welcome :)
> Just keep an eye in this list.  We will announce it and update the
> webpages etc as soon as we apply.
> --
> Jose E. Marchesi
> GNU Project    

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