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GNU org questionary submitted

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: GNU org questionary submitted
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 20:49:38 +0100
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Hi guys.

I just sent the application questionnaire for GNU.  A new ideas page was
also created at

Lets hope Google will accept us as a mentoring organization... In the
meanwhile is time to gather project ideas:

- If you are an eligible student and have an idea that is not listed
  here, you should propose it normally through the Google Summer of Code
  web site (after applications are open). Please discuss it with the
  package maintainers.

- If you are a GNU package developer, have an idea for a Summer of Code
  project for your own package, and can mentor it yourself, please email
  the idea at address@hidden and one of the administrators will
  add it. (Simple HTML fragment in plain text preferred.)  Please also
  recruit a backup mentor and tell us who that will be. Make sure that
  the description of your idea contains enough information (perhaps in
  the form of pointers to other information or mailing lists) for
  students to research the feasibility of them implementing your
  idea. More info.

- In all other cases (e.g., you are a developer with an idea for another
  package), please contact the maintainer for the package. If you can
  find a mentor for the project (or, hopefully, can mentor it yourself),
  then we will add it if it is feasible. The project must meet the
  Summer of Code criteria; see the guidelines.

Back in 2012 we got 20 slots.
Then in 2013 we got 30 slots.
Lets keep this good rate and aim for 40 slots this year! :)

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