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Re: [IMPORTANT] GSOC 2014 ideas

From: Avneet Kaur
Subject: Re: [IMPORTANT] GSOC 2014 ideas
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 00:45:35 +0530

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:51 PM, Jose E. Marchesi <address@hidden> wrote:
>     Libffcall is interested, will share project ideas within 2 hours.
> Ok, thanks.
> Please make sure to include:

GNU Libffcall []
GNU Libffcall is a collection of four libraries which can be used to build
foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters.

Contact: address@hidden

1. Avcall and Callback Cleanup
Mentor: Avneet Kaur address@hidden

Libffcall has a avcall and callback library that is to be refactored
and its code is to be cleaned up for proper maintainability according
to GNU standards.
These projects help to reduce the complexity and hence make things better.
This project entitles identifying common patterns of duplication throughout
the code. Once identified, the code must be carefully refactored into new
routines, common functionality, library code etc.

Testing is required to make sure refactoring was correct and functionality
was not changed. Test-driven development would be helpful here.

Level: High
Priority: High


Ability to write regression tests
Ability to refactor C/C++

2. Trampoline and Vacall Cleanup
Mentor: Mandeep Kaur address@hidden

Trampoline and Vacall libraries needs refactoring, testing and optimization
rework according to GNU standards. Improving maintainability is an active
requirement which includes identifying code duplication and refactoring
accordingly. This project entitles basic source code cleanup, validation
and verification. Test-driven development is a must here.

Level: High
Priority: High


Ability to write regression tests
Ability to refactor C/C++

3. Debug the Bugs
Mentor: address@hidden

Libffcall is a large code base with four different libraries. That
means there are
guaranteed to be bugs so fixing them is always a priority. Our current
BUGS file is
included in every distribution which lists more than 15 major bugs.

Your project proposal should identify several specific bugs that you
intend to fix
along with contingency plans for:
a) Bugs that you are unable to fix.
b) Identifying additional bugs if you fix all of your initial bugs quickly.

You're welcome to include testing procedures and infrastructure set up
(such as automated builds) if it will help you fix bugs faster.

Level: Medium
Priority: High


Proficiency with debugging methods
Familiarity with C and debugger

4. Platform Independent and Technical Documentation
Mentor: Avneet Kaur address@hidden

Platform independence means run code with little or no modification on
multiple platforms.
Technical documentation is the generic term for documentation with
regard to a project.
Programmer mainly associate the term with the documents and
information that are passed on to
by the developer:
a. User instructions
b. Operating instructions
c. Servicing instructions

Level: Medium
Priority: Medium


Documentation tools

Er. Avneet Kaur

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working
together is success."

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