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[GSoC 2105] Dynamic Documentation Project

From: Sajidur Rahman
Subject: [GSoC 2105] Dynamic Documentation Project
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 10:23:03 +0530

Hello All,

I would like to propose a project for the coming GSoC program. The
idea is built on the 'Dynamic Documentation' project that is mentioned
in the 'Idea's Page' of GNU (and glibc) for 2014. The idea is still
introductory. I would like you all to comment changes that I need to
incorporate in my idea such that the project properly fits the goals
and requirements of GNU (and glibc).

Presently, the C library lacks a package for dynamic documentation. It
is very essential for a programmer to generate documentation for his
work efficiently and easily. Hence a program is required that reads
inline markups from a C code and arranges the documentation comments
into a HTML, Latex or other file types. Such a program exists for Java
(javadoc). C/C++ users have been using a third party software, doxygen
for generating documentation. But I believe that the core C library
should have the capability of doing it too, in the spirit of free

The project would majorly require implementation of pattern matching
algorithms (Rabin-Karp, RegEx, Knuth-Morris-Pratt using DFA). I'll
properly plan the implementation according to requirement and
efficiency, after the idea is fixed.

I humbly request the community members to post their feedback on this
idea and advise modifications. I know their is still around two months
left before submitting student proposals, but I would like to properly
plan and polish the idea during this time so that I have everything I
need when I write the final proposal.

Sajidur Rahman

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