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GSoC'15 Zile

From: gagan
Subject: GSoC'15 Zile
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 00:06:35 +0530


First of all pardon me for posting it here, I know its not the mailing
list I should consult to for this matter.

I was seeing GNU projects for GSoC'15, I liked GNU Zile pretty much
and would like to contribute to it this year. I mailed to their
mailing list but could not get any response and also have sent the
request of inclusion at for the GNU Zile project from
a long time but not yet accepted. I consider the maintainer might be
busy so could not respond me.

So I would like to ask if some one could mentor me out for Zile this
year if GNU gets selected ?

In brief my past includes,

GSoC'13 for GNU LibreDWG
GSoC'14 for LibreCAD3 under the BRL-CAD Organisation.

Maintainer of GNU Dr. Geo.
Developer of GNU LibreDWG.

Mostly interested in CAD development, text editors, file parser,
Computer Graphics and Databases.

"Jai Sai Naath"

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