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Re: [GSoC 2017] Porting Google Go (GCC: gccgo) - Questions and Concerns

From: Ian Lance Taylor
Subject: Re: [GSoC 2017] Porting Google Go (GCC: gccgo) - Questions and Concerns
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2017 15:02:15 -0800
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Louis Jenkins <address@hidden> writes:

> (I’m embarrassed to say I do not know whether this email address is to
> the mailing list or to a single person.)

It's a mailing list.

> I would like to start off by saying that I am extremely interested in
> a project like this, because of the potential massive challenge as
> well as potentially being able to use my former experience and
> knowledge of Go’s internals in my favor for this project. I’ll being
> with my experiences, considering the last contribution to the project
> was over 3 years ago.
> Experience
> Last summer I had an R.E.U where I worked to add a concurrent map to
> the Go language. Now, while I do have some knowledge of certain areas
> of the Go runtime and compiler, it is might not be enough. As well, I
> worked mainly independently from the actual developers themselves,
> even going against their advice against doing so (and while I do not
> regret my decision to continue to pursue my goal anyway, I can’t say I
> have many friends among the Go development team), I did briefly speak
> with Ian Lance Taylor and he had been extremely helpful, although with
> the few others who helped me when I asked for it. Why is this
> relevant? I have experience with the language and internals of
> Go. Now, I do NOT have experience with gccgo, but I believe I could be
> a major help to the project given the chance.
> Inquiries
> The project has not been touched in 3 years, and apparently is still
> listed, and even has a bounty (although the low amount of little over
> $7 is rather comical). As such, I am wondering if the website is
> outdated, or whether or not this is even possible as is. I’d love to
> go through the process of making and submitting a patch on this
> project, it would be a huge waste if no one was around to review
> it. As well, I do not have experience GNU Hurd, although I am willing
> and the project’s first goal is to make the language
> functional. However, again, before I delve further I would like to
> know first if it is still active, or can potentially be restarted.

Hi, I'm probably missing something, but which project are you inquiring
about?  I can see that you mention Go and the Hurd, but I'm not sure
what the bounty is on.  Thanks.


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