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Re: GSoC project for GNU GIMP

From: Jehan
Subject: Re: GSoC project for GNU GIMP
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 17:02:43 +0100
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On 2018-03-05 15:33, Jehan wrote:

On 2018-03-05 14:55, Darshit Shah wrote:
Hi Jehan,

If Darshan is working with GIMP as part of a FSF Internship, will he have the time to work on a GSoC project as well? Remember, the work for the internship
and the GSoC project need to be clearly separate projects.

His FSF internship ends on May 18.
Coding for GSoC starts on May 14. So there is a slight overlap. I will
ask the FSF if they mind of the overlap. I personally do not mind
since I can see that GSoC is more advantageous to Darshan and I prefer
to do what is best for him.

For the record, after asking our FSF contact regarding Darshan's current internship, we were told there will be no problem in wrapping up the FSF internship early so that he can start a new one with GSoC since it is in both Darshan and GIMP's interests to do so.
So this won't be a problem. :-)


Apart from that, I guess GIMP as a GNU project can take part for GSoC under the GNU umbrella. Please send an email to address@hidden, address@hidden and address@hidden with the following information to register as a mentor:

Thanks, will do.


Once, we receive this information, you will be sent an invitation as a
mentor to the GSoC website. However, we cannot guarantee a slot for the project at this point. Please remain subscribed to this list for further notices.

Of course I understand. And I just subscribed to the list. I'll stay on.


* Jehan - GIMP <address@hidden> [180305 14:38]:

I am Jehan, one of the main developers of GIMP.

As a little background, GIMP has not subscribed to GSoC as a project for a few years now, one of the main reason being that I am nowadays one of the only developers still interested to be a mentor. And we considered this was
not enough to subscribe ourselves as a GSoC project on our own.

Darshan is a student currently working on GIMP project through a FSF
internship. He barely started a week-ago but had his first commit accepted and merged into our master tree yesterday. Hence so far, we are pleased with
the internship.
He proposed us a GSoC, which I would be happy to mentor. Yet as I said, we are not a GSoC organization. Therefore if GNU was willing to give one of its slot to GIMP as umbrella, we'd be happy to accept it. Of course maybe you already had plans so I am sorry to ask this late. It was a bit impromptu.

Thank you.


On 2018-03-04 16:11, Darshan  kadu wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am Darshan Kadu, a 4th-year student at VNIT, Nagpur India.
> I would like to work on GNU GIMP for the GSoC 2018.
> Jehan from GIMP is ready to mentor me for GIMP project. (i have cc'd
> the mail)
> So, is it possible to get the slot for GNU GIMP under GNU this year
> for GSoC?
> As of my background, I am currently contributing to GIMP ad Free
> Software Foundation Internship program. I have previously worked at
> Blender for GSoC'17
> Thank you.
> Darshan

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