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[gnu-soc] [GSoC] wan to know how to engage in open-source software

From: Zhao Chang
Subject: [gnu-soc] [GSoC] wan to know how to engage in open-source software
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 18:29:54 +0800

Hi GNU friends.

My name is Chang Zhao and I am from Fuzhou University, China. I am currently in second year of university, in computer science major. 

This afternoon I just attended a conference and heard about Google Summer of Code. Unfortunately, because of the deadline, I was unable to participate in the project this year. But I still did some search on the Internet. Finally I find the DNS over HTTPS project and I think it is fun and interesting. I read Aniketh Gireesh's proposal and I think it is a very nice work. It is very likely that I will participate in GSoC next year(but this project will be over and I will find another one).So I want to ask some questions:

As a student who has never come into contact with a large open source project, how should I start to get to understand such a big project like GNU and learn its code, and even provide my own code? 

Do I meet the requirements for working with open source software(details as below)? What knowledge should I learn in the coming year to improve my ability to develop open source software?

I have skills in using C, C++(basiclly) and python to program. I have a good understanding of  data structure and algorithm, TCP/IP protocol stack, operating system knowledge and the use of Unix/Linux. Recently, Under the guidance of my instructor, I start to do some reserch on SDN(Software-Defined Networking) and Inter DPDK(Data Plane Development Kit).

My github link :

My blog link is in my gitHub page, but the content is mostly written in Chinese.

Thank you for your time!

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