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Re: [gnu-soc] [Nomad] Need your help with GSoC

From: Darshit Shah
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] [Nomad] Need your help with GSoC
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 09:31:54 +0100
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I'm confused. I see a bunch of email conversation without much context. Could someone please provide some context and what you expect from us?

On 03/02/2020 19:28, Gábor Boskovits wrote:

Amar M. Singh <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. febr. 3., H, 19:20):

February 3, 2020 5:54 PM, "Gábor Boskovits" <address@hidden> wrote:

Hello Amar,

Amar M. Singh <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. febr. 3., H, 17:29):

Hi Amar,
"Amar M. Singh" <address@hidden> skribis:

Nomad is participating in GSoC this year. I thought
we might be able to get some help from Guix.

Nice! Was your application accepted already? (I don’t know the

Not yet but we are hopeful. The deadline's 5th Feb, or 6th Feb depending
on where one is.

I hope this will work for you.

We will definitely do our best to make Nomad a great piece of free
software :-)


"If you are a new organization to GSoC, is there a Google
employee or previously participating organization who will
vouch for you? If so, please enter their name, contact
email, and relationship to your organization."

Unfortunately I believe that technically GNU Guix was never a
participating organization. The participating organization is GNU.
I can either connect you to the GNU org admins, or you can reach
out to them directly on the address@hidden mailing list.

I should certainly contact the GNU project.

What would it take exactly? What do you need from us?

We have to provide:

1. Organisation name: GNU Guix
2. Contact email:
3. Relationship to the organisation: first FSDG distro Nomad was
packaged for.

If you still think that we should provide these information, then feel free
to provide address@hidden as a contact e-mail address.

I've entered this email along with the above mentioned information as a
reference, in case we don't hear from address@hidden in
time. Thank you.

You are welcome. I hope it helps.

It would be probably more efficient if you could email Gábor Boskovits
(who’s handling Guix’ application under the GNU umbrella) as well as
possibly address@hidden (I saw you already emailed Ricardo, so
there are 3 additional maintainers you’d reach out to :-)).


Thanks for your encouragement Ludovic :-)


About Nomad:

Nomad's a web browser that uses GNU Guile as the extension language, and
the browser features are exposed to the Guile layer. It uses Emacsy
library to provide Emacs's like features such as buffers, and
keymaps. And work is underway to remove the C code and do all of this
using Guile only with the help of GNU G-Golf, thanks to Mike and David
Pirotte's work. I think it's fair to say Guix has helped Nomad's
development a lot, there is a package in Guix's master branch.


Best regards,

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Best regards,

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