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[gnu-soc] GSOC2020 and GnuCOBOL

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: [gnu-soc] GSOC2020 and GnuCOBOL
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 21:46:33 +0100
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- Name of the GNU program.

- Summary of the project/idea.
  Eclipse plugin for use with GnuCOBOL

- Little paragraph explaining the project/idea.
  Many developers use Eclipse as their IDE. The possibility to use
  its framework and plugin ecosystem is one of the reasons for this
  and different proprietary COBOL implementations therefore provided
  COBOL plugins. Despite of normally being proprietary and "only-for
  customers-with-a-license" they are very tight coupled to their
  This project is about creating a plugin for GnuCOBOL featuring:
  * COBOL compiler setup (used for compilation, running and
  * COBOL project (pre-defined settings, compilation of outdated parts)
  * COBOL editor with syntax highlighting and code outline;
    ideally supporting both fixed-form (column-based) and free-form

  * ideally:  support for refactoring
  * ideally:  support for external pre-parsers with additional reserved
    words and/or blocks
  * optional: code content assist
  * optional: code templates
  * optional: program templates

- Skills required.
  Knowledge of Java, ideally knowledge of the Eclipse plugin system.
  Knowledge of COBOL and possibly the GnuCOBOL package is welcome but
  not mandatory.

- Contact address for interested students.

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