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Re: [gnu-soc] Gnuastro in GSOC 2020

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] Gnuastro in GSOC 2020
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 23:12:33 +0100
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Hi MOhammad.
    Thank you very much for the notice. C you please include the following
    task (in P.S) for Gnuastro.
    Thank a lot for organizing this,
    Name of the GNU program: GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro)
    Summary of the project/idea:
    Improving Image Processing tools in GNU Astronomy Utilities (Gnuastro)
    Little paragraph explaining the project/idea:
    Gnuastro is a large collection of data analysis programs and
    libraries, in particular image processing tools, the full list of
    programs and libraries along with some tutorials can be seen in [1],
    [2] and [3]. Gnuastro's programs already contain many image processing
    tools for professional (research quality) usage. However, there are
    still many tools that remain to be added, for example image
    registration (finding the warp necessary to match images), non-linear
    warping (for example correcting optical distortions or gravitational
    lensing) or de-blending tools (for example to separate galaxies that
    are in one line of sight). The full list of open tasks (for all
    programs/libraries are available in [4]. If you are interested in
    image processing, programming in C (astronomical datasets are large
    and thus need to be efficient) and in the meantime learning some
    astronomy and working with major telescope data, please get in touch.
    Skills required: C programming, image processing (optional)
    Contact address for interested students: address@hidden

Added, thanks!

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