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[Swftools-common] swftools interactive editor back online!

From: Mr. Kevin Veroneau
Subject: [Swftools-common] swftools interactive editor back online!
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:06:15 -0600
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Hello all,

    I have been receiving a few Emails regarding my web-based swfc IDE. It's 
finally back up after about a week. Sorry for the delay.

    As it goes for new features, there aren't any new added just yet. Within 
this week, I will be adding an upload form. Meaning, visitors can upload 
their own images, swfs, sounds, etc. for use with the swfc web IDE. This will 
also make it a great add-on to this mailing list. eg. People can post their 
swfc code sniplets there to compile and debug as a community. Please keep 
copies of your original swfc source codes as I haven't added any file 
permissions(eg. user accounts).

    I hope this web IDE becomes a great benefit to the swftools community. A 
quick tutorial on how to post a sample sniplet, here it goes:

1. Surf to http://home.zyrixnet.com/swftools/editor.php
2. In the top-most text field, give your sniplet a name(eg. filename).
3. Paste your sniplet in the text area, and press "Save & Preview"
4. Don't worry about any swfc compile errors, it will still save.
5. Use a link like this in your Email: 
http://home.zyrixnet.com/swftools/editor.php?file=<sniplet name>
6. Work together to fix the compile error.

    You could also paste in fully working swfc source-code that compiles 
without errors and after download the compiled swf file to your hard disc. 
swfc IDE has many different uses. I coded and compiled this splash screen 
using the IDE:

splash: http://home.zyrixnet.com/swftools/
source: http://home.zyrixnet.com/swftools/editor.php?file=swftools

    Downloading compiled swf files is simple, use the iframe at the bottom of 
the page. Click on "Browse files", find your swf file, right-click, and save 
it. Simple!

    Feature requests would be great, I'll attempt to apply it to my next 
version. At this point the next feature that will be added will be an upload 
section. Enjoy!

K. Veroneau
Zyrix Networks

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