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[Synaptic-devel] New release 0.42

From: Michael Vogt
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] New release 0.42
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:10:08 +0200
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Dear friends,

Synaptic 0.42 is available. You may wonder what happend to 0.41 :)

0.41 was released into debian only, as it had basicly only debtags
support as a new feature. While debtags is a great system (learn more
about it at it is currently
debian only.

But 0.42 has some fun stuff for all of us :) We did some GUI work and
the added a "Inst. Size" column that tells how much space the package
eats on your system. This column is sortable. The order of the columns
can now be configured with the preferences dialog. Columns can be
reordered or complettly hiden. Some bugs where fixed and a whole bunch
of documentation updates are in (thanks a lot to all the

 - download percentage is now always calculated correctly
   (thanks to David Wilson)
 - save selection on "pin", "update" and "proceed" now
 - some bugs fixed in the new sortable tree/list
 - the order of the columns in the treeview is configurable now
 - updated german translation (thanks to Sebastian Heinlein)
 - updated spanish translation (thanks to Javier Serrador)
 - updated japanese translation (thanks to Daisuke SUZUKI)
 - updated russian translation (thanks  Sviatoslav Sviridov)
 - [debian only] debian package tags support
 - sortable installed size column added
 - "Information" tab now scrollable

Please test it and report any problems :) As usual I'm interessted in
reports if it behaves well on rpm systems. 

What do you think about adding a "Package Size" column? I was thinking
about it, but it does not seems very usefull to me as I'm usually more
interessted in the installed size. But it might be interessting before
you start a download ...

You can get it at the usual place at


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