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[Synaptic-devel] Using synaptic

From: Kern Sibbald
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] Using synaptic
Date: 11 Aug 2003 18:38:50 +0200


I recently upgraded from RH7.3 to RH9, and in the process
pulled the latest Synaptic (0.4) from freshrpms.  Unfortunately,
either I don't understand how it works, or the new Synaptic
cannot be used.  Why? Well, it has found about 20 packages
that are "broken" and it wants to remove them. 

I want to keep most of the packages -- for example,
it wants to remove fetchmail, galeon, gcc, gmc, and perl
among others.  The problem is I cannot figure out any way
to make Synaptic keep the packages. If I display the Programmed
Changes, then click on a package and click on Keep, it
insists on removing the package.

Some of the dependencies that it is finding for these "broken"
packages are rather suspect too. For example, for gcc, it lists:
Depends: glibc-devel(>=2.2.90-12)    

Is there some way around this problem?

Best regards, 


PS: I'm not subscribed to the list.

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