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[Synaptic-devel] [support #102356] failures w/ RedHat 9

From: nobody
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] [support #102356] failures w/ RedHat 9
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 13:57:11 -0400
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Support Request #102356, was updated on Fri 08/15/2003 at 13:57
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: failures w/ RedHat 9

By: tgm
Date: Fri 08/15/2003 at 13:57
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Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)

Synaptic is having some problems dealing with RH9.  
First, my config:

RedHat 9.0 with all current RH updates installed
synaptic_0.42-1.fr_i386.rpm installed
apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1 installed
using WRQ Reflection 7.2 xterminal window to linux box
Reflection is running on Windows 2000/SP4 (not XDMCP)

OK, here is what I'm seeing...  

First, I start synaptic as a background process from 
the xterminal.  The process initially recieves an 
error "Xlib: extension 'RENDER' missing on display 
(myip:0.0)" seen in the xterminal window.  From some 
research I've done suggests that this error should not 
be a concern, but who knows.  

Next, whenever I make select any function in synaptic 
I receive a message back on my xwindow session 
saying, "strange things are going on in the world".  
Sure is strange!  My hope is that the author has coded 
this to be comical.

Now for the troublesome stuff...  When I close a 
window or subwindow I receive the 
error, "unregisterObserver() failed" back in the 
xterminal screen.  Not sure what this means and a 
Google search comes up with nothing.  

When I perform a list update things process as 
expected without error.  Then after I select some 
packages to install, synaptic starts processing the 
download.  Everything downloads fine.  Now when it 
attempts to install the rpm's we have some real 
problems.  The synaptic main and subwindow hang.  Any 
attempts to kill them short of a -9 do nothing.  The 
only way I can coax the process to do anything is to 
go back to the xsession terminal window and bring the 
synaptic process to the foreground.  When I do this a 
new child window appears with a double scrolling bar 
that tells me in its message that its trying to 
install the packages with the rpm process.  Nothing 
happens beyond the scrolling though.  Doing a ps -ef 
indicates that NO rpm process is running in the 
machine.  If I try to perform a rpm -qa command from a 
text based session (non x), I receive the message from 
rpm that, "warning: cannot get shared lock 
on /var/lib/rpm/Packages".  I have to kill off the 
xterminal window at this point to kill off synaptic.  
According to ps -ef the synaptic processes go away but 
the rpm lock remains.  I'm not familiar with the rpm 
locking scheme, but a quick machine reboot clears it.

So, what to do from here...  For the moment I'm 
telling synaptic to download the packages only and I'm 
later installing them manually with rpm.  When I later 
bring up synaptic again, it recognizes the additions.  

In one case I tried to let synaptic handle a 'broken' 
issue with rhs-printfilters vs redhat-config-printer.  
I saw the same symptoms as before but I noticed a 
curious thing afterward.  I performed an rpm erase 
with the -vv option and noticed that the previous 
iteration (using synaptic) had in fact removed the 
files but had not updated the rpm databases.

So now I'm wondering if this is really a synaptic 
problem or really something to do with the x session 
instead.  While I'm waiting, I will attempt to some 
work via the machine console and see if things are any 

Thanks for your time,


(FYI, I was logged in but it appears the cookie 
dropped - savannah user "tgm")

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