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Re: [Synaptic-devel] Distribution selection

From: Sebastian heinlein
Subject: Re: [Synaptic-devel] Distribution selection
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 07:51:45 +0200


Am Die, den 30.09.2003 schrieb Guillaume Pratte um 05:46:
> Some quick comments about the UI :
>  - If the "Expert" tab only contains options for "Distribution", then maybe 
> it 
> should be renamed "Distribution"? I would not know what to do with the 
> existing "Distribution:" tag though...

I would also suggest this. But I don't understand the importance of this
feature at all.

The available distribution list has to generated from the sources.list,
since there are not only Debian Users around: E.g. what is the testing
distru of RedHat?

And what happens if backports or generally third party repository are
included? They do not always follow the debian naming scheme, too.

>  - The "ignore" default release is labeled as "always use the latest package 
> version", but apt-get with more than one "branch" does not behave this way. 
> It always use the most stable version available, so if you have both testing 
> and unstable sources, it will use testing packages unless "-t unstable" is 
> specified. So maybe the label should be renamed "Default (Use the most stable 
> version available)"?

No. This is wrong. Always the latest version of the package is
installed. Your behavior can be achieved by using the so called apt
pining. Therefore an extra step, that is not configurable by gui, is
needed to get a benefit out of this feature. 

And I don't see why unstable should be less "stable" then testing in its
current state.

Using more then one distru of debian isn't a good way of using apt at
all. So why should this be supported by a gui?

>  - The "If you have more than ..." sentence if missing the period at the end.
>  - Same thing for the "Note:" text. May I suggest some modifications?
>   "Note : After changing the default release the package list needs to be 
> reloaded and all selections will be lost. Make sure to commit your changes 
> first."

I would like to remove the detailed warnings and show an alert box after
this setting has been altered.

> The user might not be aware of what the "cache" is, so I refer to it as the 
> "package list".

Good point.



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