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[Synaptic-devel] New version 0.48.2

From: Michael Vogt
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] New version 0.48.2
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 20:02:51 +0200
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Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce another maintenance release of synaptic. Version
0.48.2 is only fixing bugs and adding translations. No new features or
real code changes. 

* Updated French translation (Jean-Michel)
* Updated chinese translation (thanks to anonymous)
* Updated Polish translation (Emil)
* Updated Japanese Translation (Daisuke)
* Updates to the French translation by Jean-Michel 
* Updates to Spansih translation (Francisco J. F. Serrador)
* Updated Russian translation (Sviatoslav)
* utf8(): prevent a double free
* Fixed upgrade button picture in vpaned, thanks to 
  Sviatoslav for reporting
* hide the vendors menu for debian. debian can't use it anyway :/
* catch the child-exit signal from vte and get the exit code
* fix for the sudo-mozilla-eats bookmarks bug (see
* [StringChange] added "incomplete" status message for multiple cd
* Added PO file for easy manual translation (see po/synaptic-manual.po)
  Translators, go for it ;)

Get it from the usual place at:
and report any problem (reports from rpm based systems are very
welcome as usual)!


Linux is not The Answer. Yes is the answer. Linux is The Question. - Neo

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