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Re: [Synaptic-devel] New release 0.51

From: Sviataslau Svirydau
Subject: Re: [Synaptic-devel] New release 0.51
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 00:29:34 +0300
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Michael Vogt wrote:

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 08:55:18PM +0200, Richard Bos wrote:
What do you mean 'package properties window is not modal'? I expected that I did not need to select 'properties' button to obtain information like dependencies, etc. However, I still need to select the properties button to obtain extensive information. Is this as designed?

For now yes. I don't have time for big changes right now, so I want to
improve the situation step by step. The properties window does now
display the information of the last selected package. So you have to
open the dialog only once and it will always be updated.

Does it mean that sometime in future we will have extended information not in separate window, but in the same place where description located now? (the same as was prior to version 0.50). I've also got some feedback from users - they do not like separate window :)
And separate window still need to occupy some place on the desktop :)

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