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[Synaptic-devel] Repository Problems

From: Onederer
Subject: [Synaptic-devel] Repository Problems
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 04:24:58 -0500

By using Synaptic, I cannot do an update, without having to go into the Repository section of the application, and having to choose another repository provider, before I can perform an update. I have not been able to perform a refresh, and an update, twice, without having to change to a different repository first.

This is a consistent problem which I've not been able to resolve on my own, and it's been going on for some years now. Before performing an update, I first go into the menus, click on the Settings > Repositories> remove the check mark next to the current repository listing (it's already been used for last update) > move up or down to next adjacent repository, and apply the check mark there. Then if there is an update available, the operation works fine to full completion.

I first see the 1st box which updates repository 1 of 7. Then a new box starts up, and updates the rest of the repositories in sequence, from 2 to 7. When I see that, I know that everything is fine. I will get error-free updates.

If I see a single box coming up, and all refreshing from 1 to 7 is done in one box, that means that something is wrong.

I just find this very nagging to have to do this every time that I need to use Synaptic. And for someone who is not as experienced as I, he/she will be totally lost on how to cope with this problem.

Le savant n'as pas peure de demander des questions.

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