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Synaptic suggestion

From: Joel Lapointe
Subject: Synaptic suggestion
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 11:59:58 -0400
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I'm a big fan of synaptic, it is the type of efficient tool that I like.

I'd like to suggest a few improvements to it. I'm not a programmer, so I can't contribute by coding. Here are the suggestions :

Suggestion  1.

    - There is a GUI behavior that annoys me. When a list of software is being installed/updated/removed... The GUI turns grey (it is locked to prevent interference). This is normal, however, this is blocking people to explore and chose other packages during the lengthy process. In other GUI package stores (gnome-software...) it is possible to continue exploration and it is also possible to add packages to the installation queue without interfering with the process. This feature would be great for Synaptic. It is just a matter of greying/locking the appropriate buttons, not all the GUI.

Suggestion 2.

- Another thing, Gnome-Software is classifying packages with a star rating according to users. There is also a way to put comments so the choice becomes clear. Suggestions according to popularity and editor's choice are also proposed. This help the chooser very much. It could be done in synaptic. It is just a matter of adding a column with stars in the choosing list. Most users won't dive in synaptic during hours to find the right package, this prevent good software to be selected because it is placed way down in the list.

Suggestion 3.

-I think that gnome software is also compatible with flatpak and snapd. To add this capability would greatly improve synaptic. There is also Appimages that could be downloaded through the interface. It could also turn "on" the executable bit automatically.

All that could make synaptic more competitive with a simpler GUI software stores such as Gnome-Software.

Thank you,

Joel Lapointe

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