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Re: [Taler] Wallet to wallet transfers

From: Marcello Stanisci
Subject: Re: [Taler] Wallet to wallet transfers
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 10:11:03 +0200
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Hello Noufal,

In Taler, "transferring money to another person's wallet" means you
give this other person your coins' private keys, and yes it is possible.

In the scenario you describe, there will be three persons having the
same coins' private keys: you, B, and C; and for the way Taler works,
the first person who spends those coins will actually be able to buy
something from merchant D.

So if C is the one meant to spend those coins, you and B should be
careful to not spend those coins you gave C.  As far as I know, this
care is not enforced by software/protocol.

Could you please elaborate more the sentence quoted below?

> The way I see it, once I receive money, I have to give it back to
> the exchange before it becomes "spendable" again.


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