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Re: [Taler] Exporting coins out of the wallet plugin

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [Taler] Exporting coins out of the wallet plugin
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 12:40:39 +0200
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On 07/21/2017 11:29 AM, Sree Harsha Totakura wrote:
> Hi!
> Would it be possible to export individual coins out of the wallet plugin?

Technically, yes.

> Such a feature helps in programming custom wallets without the need to
> perform withdraw on their own.

Well, I think every reasonable wallet _should_ be able to do
withdrawals. After all, that's not so complicated.

> And, if such an export were to be possible, does the wallet have to
> abdicate the ownership of the coin? i.e take no responsibility of it
> because the wallet no longer has any history information of the coin,
> thereby leaving it to custom application to perform refreshing.

In practice, I think the answer should be "yes". That said, UX-wise I
would not export a particular coin, but a particular amount.  That said,
I really do not think this is a feature we should prioritize at all at
this point.  Eventually, having this will be useful for moving coins
between wallets "sharing"-style, but I don't quite see a need for this
for v1.0.

OTOH, if you do need it urgently, there's probably nothing wrong with
you writing and implementing a spec for import/export of coins.  What is
important for me is that whatever file format we define is not for a
single coin, but for arbitrary amounts (possibly even multi-currency).

My 2 cents


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