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[Taler] Matching crypto implementation

From: Lukas Großberger
Subject: [Taler] Matching crypto implementation
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 18:05:32 +0100
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Hi fellow Taler enthusiasts,

as a long time lurker, being curious and excited about Taler from a
distance, I finally made the leap and for the past couple of days I've
tried to figure out the binary-compatible crypto implementations for the
Taler basics in other languages (Go & Python). To get acquainted with
the code base, I am trying to port a subset of the wallet features to a
wallet implementation in a language I'm more comfortable with than
However, I found myself to struggle a lot with figuring out the exact
steps that are for example required for the simplest encoding and hash
test the Exchange API offers[1]. I tried to follow the code path until
the Emscripten bindings to figure out the data types used as well as the
function signatures. However, I suspect that something is going wrong
when converting strings of Crockford Base32 encoded input to a byte
representation, and converting the byte representation of the SHA512
hash back to something Crock encodable.
Anyway, does someone of you have insights about how to approach such an
endeavor effectively? I'm also looking for general advice, unspecific to
the particular first attempt I described above.

Cheers, Lukas


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