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[Taler] GNUnet Hacker Meeting Summer 2020

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: [Taler] GNUnet Hacker Meeting Summer 2020
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:53:14 +0100
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Dear all,

It's time to start planning a bit for the GNUnet Hacker meeting this
Summer in Switzerland. I'm CC'ing the Taler list as Taler hackers are
obviously particularly welcome, too ;-).

Looking at _my_ schedule, anytime from June 13-28 should do, possibly
even a few days longer depending on when my exams will be.

ACTION: Please send me your availability and preferences if you are
considering to attend (preferably off list).

Also, we may have the choice of two venues, the well-known
Decentrale.ch, at a cost of CHF 20/day + food high up in the Jura, or a
castle (my understanding is we'd only pay for our food) near a lake near
Freiburg (CH).  I believe both can work about equally well in terms of
our meeting requirements (Internet, presentations, multiple rooms for
separate discussions, etc.).

In the summer the Decentrale has the advantage of it likely being
colder, while the castle the advantage of being next to a lake
(swimming!). Decentrale is easier to get to by public transit, the
castle requires a pick-up or a modest (no mountain!) hike. Both have
cooking facilities, Decentrale is vegan, the other one is unrestricted.
Also, they have about equal capacity, and I'll have to check with both
about final availability once we've settled on the dates.

ACTION: Please include your preference for castle or decentrale in your
message, again assuming you would like to attend.

I plan to collect replies until March 1st, then check for final
availability of the place(s) and maybe we can discuss the results on
March 3rd in the GNUnet Mumble. Afterwards, I'll try to announce the result.

Note that responding or not responding is not assumed to commit you in
any way to attending or not attending --- it just means your preferences
will or won't be considered.

Happy hacking!


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