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[Taler] Second Draft of GNU Taler Payment System Using Liquidity Tokens

From: taler
Subject: [Taler] Second Draft of GNU Taler Payment System Using Liquidity Tokens
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 22:06:07 +0200 (CEST)

Hash: SHA256

Hello GNU Taler Mailing List,

A lot of you mentioned you could not read my

message since the triple spacing made it


So I try again here.

What I said was to encourage merchants to adopt GNU

Taler as a private and anonymous payment system,

I argue there should be a payment option where

merchants receive liquidity tokens from a liquidity

pool as payment. This way, the profit they earn

from liquidity tokens annually compounds.

This would be a great incentive to get merchants

to use a system like GNU Taler to allow

clients to make private and anonymous payments

using GNU Taler.

So whenever a client tries to pay for merchandise

to a merchant, the merchant may set up a condition

where the currency is exchanged into a financially

equivalent amount in liquidity tokens.

The point is if a merchant chooses to accept

liquidity tokens from a liquidity pool that

has a steady annual perctange yield, their profits

would compound based on dividends from exchange


Please let me know what all of you think of this

plan to get merchants to

P.S.: You can find my PGP public key and all other keys in my Web of Trust

at: https://raiderhacks.com/gpg


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